Steyning Local Heritage List

Steyning is famous for its large number of buildings on Historic England’s statutory list but it also has buildings and structures which are not nationally recognised that are integral to the character and history of the town.

Recent studies of the town for Conservation Management and the Neighbourhood Plan identified the need for recording such assets as a Local Heritage List.

In addition, Government is encouraging local authorities and civic societies to compile such a list for their area.

Funding constraints mean that the work will need to be primarily undertaken by volunteers with guidance from Horsham's Senior Conservation Officer.

He has suggested the Steyning Society should set up a working party to prepare the List.

We have started and are inviting nominations for inclusion on the Local List.

These cannot be on the Statutory List since they are excluded.

You can check whether a building is statutorily protected by consulting the Historic England website.


We would welcome ideas and suggestions for buildings to include on the Local Heritage List.

Please contact me via email or phone.

Tony Struthers, Secretary, The Steyning Society or tel. 01903 814180
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