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Planning application for Glebe Farm

Calling all Steyning residents - Planning application for Glebe Farm.

The planning application for Glebe Farm, which proposes at least 267 houses to be built on the site, is due to go to the Horsham District Council Planning committee shortly.

This is therefore our last chance to influence the decision.

If this application is agreed it will result in an additional 267 houses, all in one location and an increase in the population of approximately 1000 people.

There is no proposal to increase the number of GPs, NHS dentists, school places, road infrastructure etc and of course the adverse effect on the environment.
This application affects ALL of Steyning, our town would increase by roughly 11% with no additional resources or infrastructure. We’re sure there are lots of individuals and groups perhaps already working together to oppose this development and think it might be a good idea to bring everyone together as a united front, so that we can all have a say or influence in what happens to our town.

With that in mind we are planning to hold a public meeting to focus our response to this planning application, so if you’re interested in attending this please email

The intention is to organise this as soon as possible as time is of the essence and if we don’t act now we will lose any opportunity to influence the decision and maintain the integrity of our town.
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