Hooligan behaviour on the A283 Clays Hill roundabout

I wish to remain anonymous, as am concerned about reprisals.

We moved to Bramber/Steyning in July 2020 and, along with our neighbours, are alarmed at the behaviour of a handful of drivers who use the roundabout between The St and Clays Hill as a drifting track.

Regularly several times a week, two or three separate occurrences during an evening (anytime from 5pm - 3am!), from one to three cars (at once), drift-race each other round the roundabout.

The speeds they are travelling at and the visibility of roads entering the roundabout, whilst they are driving sideways, is a disaster waiting to happen.

Sometimes this occurs in the afternoon/early evening and the car(s) will lurk waiting for traffic to subside!

We have often seen them lose control, leading to the vehicle spinning 180 degrees.

Should anyone know the identity of the car drivers in question please contact Steyning police.
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