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Front Cover: 'it's alive' - Kevin Meeten

Kevin is a 59 year old artist from Ashington, and became an artist ‘accidentally’ about 9 years ago

While recovering from a serious illness, Kevin discovered that he could produce interesting and unusual pieces of art, enjoyed the process and began to show them locally. To his surprise, many other people liked them too. Kevin works with Steyning Arts and Horsham Artists, and recently took part in both groups Art Trails.

He has had no formal art training, therefore his work can be unconventional, and he likes to incorporate unusual materials into his true mixed-media pieces, which often include 3D features.

He mainly paints with acrylic, and a notable unique aspect of his work are the semi-abstract landscapes and cityscapes that are painted onto aluminium foil, giving them a remarkable watery sheen.

There is a level of uncontrollability to this technique that makes the final outcome ‘a bit like unwrapping a present, you never know what you will get!’

Kevin’s work is inspired by a lifelong passion for sci-fi cinema, TV, literature and comic books, and is produced in his studio which is lovingly referred to as the ‘BatCave’, where he also paints stylised portraits and technology from iconic sci-fi movies and books.

Kevin Meeten - 07763 750876
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