Front Cover: Fay Bishop

Since moving to West Sussex, I have been quite active exhibiting with Steyning Arts and the Henfield Art Club, where I am a committee member.

Like everyone else I have found lockdown quite hard but I am lucky enough to have a large garden so I have thrown myself into gardening and taking photographs which will inspire my art. I also enjoy walking my dog in our beautiful surrounding. Love the variety in the landscapes of our area from the South Down to the beach but can’t wait for life to return to normal so I can return to workshops, lectures, art trails and meeting up with friends.

I particularly love painting flowers, I am excited by the colours, shapes, variations, textures and tones that I see in their petals and leaves. Also enjoy painting natural scenes and I feel this translates well to water colour, suiting the transparency of the medium. The lightness of these scenes would be lost using other mediums. Capturing the sense of light is so important. I enjoy emphasising the sense of tone, hard and soft edges and particularly love watercolours because of the ability to do wet in wet. I love the way the colours flow and merge creating their own magic.

Fay Bishop -
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