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Front Cover: Emma (Miller Phoenix)

Emma is a self-taught ceramicist working under the name Miller Phoenix. She has a long-held fascination of the sea and all things coastal…the ebb and flow of the tide…the power and fragility of the sea

With her ceramics, she endeavours to convey the fluidity of form and encompass the beautiful irregularity of our natural world.

Preferring to hand build from a single piece of clay, each creation is teased and torn into being.

Emma loves to use her hands as tools and often uses no equipment other than a paint brush to overlay glazes, preserving a natural feel within each piece. She is inspired by rock pools, corals, crevices, seaweeds, sea tumbled objects and the pull of the tide… the fact that nothing remaining static but has a constant movement with cause and effect.

She lives in Shoreham by Sea and her work can be found in her shop Miller Phoenix Home, 42a High Street, Steyning.

New pieces are regularly featured on her Instagram @millerphoenixhome including her ever popular collectable ceramic beach huts which she makes ‘when playing’.
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