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Council completes purchase of Bramber Brooks to boost District's biodiversity

Horsham District Council is excited to announce that it has now successfully purchased Bramber Brooks, securing this public green space both for the benefit of local communities and to provide a vital boost to local biodiversity in its goal for the Horsham District to achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2050.
Bramber Brooks Gate

The site, which comprises some 34 acres of green space, is known as Bramber Brooks and benefits from public access, a private nature reserve and a community orchard, and is currently enjoyed by many members of the public.

This successful acquisition will secure Bramber Brooks as public green space for the future in order to retain the community benefits of the land and enhance biodiversity on the site, ensuring that it will continue to operate as a well-loved and much enjoyed area for people to enjoy.

The site is already well-used by local people and has strong links with the local community through schools and scout groups.
Adur River

Adding Bramber Brooks to the Council’s countryside estate will benefit our District by:

• Retaining public access to the land for residents and visitors.

• Enhancing delivery of biodiversity improvements via a fully funded Environment Agency approved project to create more wetland areas.

• Providing other improvements which could include, the introduction of seasonal cattle grazing, thistle and bramble scrub control, formal rights of way improvements and improved signage for users.

• Positively contributing to the Council’s existing successful flagship Wilder Horsham District initiative, delivering improvements to habitats and wildlife along the River Adur, as part of a wider nature recovery network.

Horsham District Council Cabinet Member for Leisure, Culture and Green Spaces Cllr Jon Olson said:

“We’re excited to confirm our acquisition of Bramber Books is now complete, and that ongoing public access has been secured for the local community.

“Managing this land within our countryside estate will also guarantee that proposals to improve the biodiversity of the site can move forward.

“This opportunity really underlines the Council’s commitment to address the climate and ecological emergencies we all face, as we take real action to achieve net zero carbon emissions for our District and look to inspire greener futures.”
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