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Is your Home Heat Pump Ready?

There's loads of talk these days about heat pumps being the low carbon home heating solution for the future.

But there's also plenty of uncertainties and nervousness around the technology.

•  Will it work for me?
•  Will it keep my house warm on really cold days?
•  Is now a good time to make the move, or should I wait a few years?
•  What will it all cost?
•  And how can I tap into the new £7500 Boiler Upgrade Scheme grant I've heard about?

Come along to Green Drinks on Weds 27th March and we can answer all your questions. Heat pumps aren't for everyone - but would they be a good solution for you?

We'll have a panel of experts and homeowners talking about their experience with heat pumps, including Michael Paini from local firm, Option Energy Solutions - a member of the Greening Steyning Home Energy Team who is a qualified heating engineer in his day job.
Heat Pump

It's at the Steyning Athletic Club, starting at 20:00. 

The bar will be open.

Tickets cost £3 and are available from:

Or you can find out more from our website:
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