20 MPH Survey Update

There’s been nearly 600 responses already to the public consultation on the idea of introducing a 20 MPH Zone covering the whole Steyning, and adjoining areas of Bramber.

Everyone in the affected area should have had a survey leaflet through their door by now.

You can drop these off at Steyning Post Office or the Steyning Centre. But most people have gone for the online version, which provides space for comments and asks some extra questions on things like improving footpaths and public transport, and introducing electric vehicle charging points.

Here’s the link: https://bit.ly/Steyning20mph

The issue of road safety has been brought into sharp focus recently by some worrying ’near misses’ involving young children on the way to and from Steyning Primary School in Shootingfield.

These reinforce the need to change habits and mind sets among drivers, so we all more alert to other road users.

Greening Steyning has launched a 20’s Plenty campaign to help get this message across. Slowing down traffic even by 5 MPH would make a big difference we think, making Steyning a safer and healthier place to be, and encouraging more people to get out on their bikes and try walking to the school and the shops, rather than jumping in the car.

You can find our more about the campaign here: https://greeningsteyning.org/20mph.

The survey closes at the end of April so make sure you have have your say.
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