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September 2nd, 2021
At the time of writing, Compass have been researching mortgages with interest rates below 1%!

Two recent individual enquiries generated a 2-year fixed rate of 0.83%, which was an intermediary exclusive so not available to the Public, going direct to the lender and even more incredible was a 5-year fixed rate of 0.99%.

These are no exception either with lots of rate and fee combinations from various lenders all set below the 1% mark.

As always with these headline rates there is the small print and the main thing for us to consider when advising is the associated fees in securing these products and if it is worth it.

That said for the right client there are some really amazing deals on offer right now.

Will these products last?
Probably not for long as this is a race for the lenders to get their market share for the end of this year and satisfy shareholders but at least it’s a win for mortgage customers.

Want to know more and explore if these historically low rates apply to you? Then please call on 01903 81544 and talk to one of our advisers.
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